Sadly, my husband, Dr John S Reid, died in February 2021, leaving a house full of antiquarian and historic books, mostly on a scientific or technical theme. The task of cataloguing and valuing all the books will take me several (many?) years. In the interim, I am posting images of the bookcases for other bibliophiles to browse the shelves and consider purchasing books that they see there.

His collection is spread over several rooms, each containing multiple bookcases. It will take me some months to photograph them all so please do revisit this site from time to time to browse the latest additions. Or, if you'd like to be notified whenever a new bookcase is listed, use the contact form to make this request. I will record the date of posting of each bookcase so you can tell what is new since your last visit.

Click on the image of a bookcase below to view the shelves displayed in a Google Photos Album. Then, if you spot any book(s) for which you'd like further details, please use the contact form to get in touch with me, specifying the bookcase, shelf and title of the item(s). I will then send you details of the author, publisher, publication date and condition of the book(s) in which you are interested, along with the selling price.

Happy browsing!


[5 bookcases; nos 1-3 posted 27 Feb 2022; 4 & 5 still to come]

Bookcases 1 and 2 (posted 27 Feb 2022)

Upstairs Bookcase no 1 Upstairs Bookcase no 2

Bookcase 3 (posted 27 Feb 2022)

Upstairs Bookcase no 3

Rooms still to be added:

Family Room / Bedroom 1 / Bedroom 2 / Living Room / Study